Facials Offer Successful Treatment For Lip Lines


Lip lines, or smoker’s lines, are one of the most common complaints of facial aging. These lines form as a result of environment damage to the skin and due to constant muscle movement of the lips such as puckering. This can be due to smoking, drinking through straws, or simply with talking and facial animation.

Lip lines are also known as lip wrinkles, and they are vertical lines that appear on the lips and the surrounding area of the mouth. They present as thin vertical lines that stretch from one side of your lips to the other and it gives the lips a slightly puckered look, like a smoker’s which is why lip lines are also referred to as smoker’s lips.

These creases are usually deeper and more noticeable than those on your lips. Because of this reason, they are extremely difficult to hide. Makeup doesn’t seem to work and in fact, using lipstick may even make them look worse. People who have decided to go the extra mile to remove lip lines usually say that it easily took ten years off their face.

There are different procedures you can use to get rid of these lines, but first let’s understand why these lines often appear.

Causes Of Lip Lines


Your lips have thinner and more fragile skin than all the other parts of your face. As a result, your face can be more susceptible to the negative effects that environmental stress can cause and exhibits visible signs of aging at a faster rate. This is also due to the reduced production of collagen. Do you know that once you reach the age of 20, you start producing less collagen each year?

The skin gets thinner and less elastic as collagen production declines. As you become older, your lips, which are usually plump in youth, may become significantly flattened. Your skin also generates less oil as you get older, which can lead to dryness.

Due to their continual exposure to the outdoors, your lips are especially vulnerable to dryness. All those seasons you spent without properly moisturizing your lips may catch up with you eventually. Thin vertical lines might grow into more pronounced creases as your lips lose power and volume.

Exposure To Sunlight And Other UV Rays

Sun exposure is another key cause of lip lines. In fact, rays from the sun have been implicated in skin issues associated with aging. Because the lips are frequently left uncovered, they are at a higher risk of exposure to ultraviolet rays than the other parts of your face. Premature aging is caused mostly by UV radiation from the sun.

Sun exposure accelerates the aging process by depleting your skin’s collagen stores and that of other essential components like elastin, and hyaluronic acid. UVA radiation, in particular, exposes this delicate area to harmful free radicals, which break down and destroy healthy skin cells.


It might seem that smoking has a bigger connection with this condition apart from giving it the associated nickname. The movement you’d make while taking a puff from a cigarette, along with the oxidative stress generated by smoke inhalation, may accelerate the appearance of tiny lines around the mouth. Damage accumulates over time, deepening wrinkles and drying out the skin of your lips. This will leave your lips pinched and puckered. Smoking causes the body to manufacture free radicals, which can contribute to accelerated aging.

Repetitive Movement

Let’s paint a picture here. You have a sheet of paper that you keep folding. With the first fold, you probably noticed a crease. And with each fold, the crease became deeper and more visible. This is the same thing that happens with your lip lines. When you speak, smile, and purse your lips repeatedly you cause the muscles around your mouth to contract, resulting in permanent lines and wrinkles.

How To Get Rid Of Lip Lines?

The cause of the lip lines is less important than how to get rid of them. These lines can be a big blow to our confidence in our appearance, and they only seem to get worse. And while there are things you could do at home, like using creams and serums to stimulate collagen production, they really may not be of much help if you have had this condition for a while. If this is you, we have a few things you can do to help you with this condition.


The principle behind dermaplaning is very similar to that of shaving. That is why, if you pay attention to the tool that is used, it looks very much like a shaving blade. Dead cells, scar tissue, and other material that may be making your skin’s surface look uneven can be removed by directing a sterile razor at an angle of 45 degrees and running it carefully across your skin. This treatment works very well for reducing wrinkles and lines on your face, especially when it is combined with our organic peels and products from eminence organics.

Age Corrective Facial

We might not like to admit it, but lip lines become more prominent as we age, and we will be the first to tell you that aging is not essentially a bad thing. However, external and environmental factors can show our age, sooner rather than later. Also, as we age collagen and elastin production decreases. This means our face may lose some of its fullness and some of its elasticity. The skin also tends to get drier and thinner. With our age corrective facial, we give you all the treatment you need to age properly. The end result is that cell turnover is increased, new elastin and collagen are stimulated to heal the skin, and fine wrinkles are softened. You will notice an improvement of aging signs including the deepest lines.

Power Peel

Our power peel treatment works to remove lip lines by a deep exfoliation, which starts with dermaplaning, followed by our organic peels that get you ready for our moisturizer, giving you younger, healthier skin instantly.

Apart from these treatments, it is also important that you take proper care of your skin. Wash, moisturize, and do not go outside without wearing sunscreen. Exfoliation also helps with these. However, make sure not to overdo it and be sure that the products used are organic and eco-friendly.

Our expert aestheticians at Greentoes in Tucson can help you reduce lip lines. They will work with you, evaluate your skin, and provide you with the most effective facial treatments to benefit you the most. They can also recommend gentle and effective natural skincare products that you can use to maintain healthy skin at home.

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