How To Strengthen Brittle Nails


Wouldn’t it be great to have naturally long, healthy nails? If your nails are on the brittle side, that might feel impossible. Brittle nails tend to crack and break as they grow. Even if you’re really careful on your hands, time and regular use will take their toll and lead to chipping, peeling, or breaking.

You don’t have to run to a nail salon in Tucson for acrylics to cover up your brittle nails with longer new ones. If you make changes in your self care habits and the way you treat your nails, you can make your nails longer, healthier, and stronger over time.

Why Do Nails Get Brittle?

There are a lot of things that lead to nails becoming brittle. If your hands are dry and dehydrated, your nails are likely to suffer the same fate. Sometimes, diet and water intake play a role in the way our hair and nails grow, as well as the way our skin looks. You might be using the wrong products on your nails, causing damage instead of nourishing them.

Use A Great Hand Moisturizer

If something is drier than it should be, logic tells us we should apply moisture. This philosophy applies to your hands and nails. If your nails and the skin around them are frequently dry as a result of washing your hands, cold weather, using too much hand sanitizer, or working with chemicals, you need to be sure to replenish your skin’s stores of moisture.

A deeply nourishing hand cream, used in conjunction with a vitamin enriched cuticle oil, will do wonders to restore moisture to your hands. In addition to healthier skin and nails, you’ll also be soft to the touch.

Trim And File Nails Like A Pro

When you’re first attempting to restore your nails, they’ll remain brittle for a while. You won’t have truly strong nails until all the vitamins have done their job and you’ve changed your habits to prevent your nails from drying out. Letting your nails grow out while they’re still in an interim stage probably isn’t a good idea.

The length of your depleted nail will be brittle, and it’s prone to cracking and peeling like it always was. It may crack or break down to the healthier portion of the nail, setting back your progress towards growing perfect nails. Make sure to perfectly cut your nails and file them straight until you know for sure that they’re growing in stronger (and staying stronger) than they used to. Be patient!

Switch Your Nail Polishes And Nail Removers

Nail polishes with harsh chemicals and polish removers with ingredients like acetone strip the natural surface of the nail when they’re applied or removed. This leads to thinning every time you switch your polish, and that thinning isn’t helping the state of your brittle nails.

It’s okay to change up your color every other week. Just make sure you’re using a chemical free nail polish and a remover that doesn’t contain industrial grade ingredients like acetone. Natural nail polish removers use ingredients like essential oils to take off your polish and moisturize your nails at the same time – that’s not a benefit you’ll find from a conventional polish remover.

Watch What You Eat And Drink

Your hair and nails are dead cells. Your body needs to constantly regenerate cells and expel old ones, but the old ones don’t need to be in terrible shape when they complete their lifespan. Supplements like biotin can enrich your hair and skin cells, making them healthier and stronger when they eventually grow out.

Protein and calcium are the building blocks of healthy cells, so try to lean towards more lean meats, fish, low fat dairy, and plant based foods. Eating healthier is never a bad idea. Your entire body will benefit from making better swaps.

You also need to be sure that you’re drinking enough water. Not tea, not coffee, not diet soda, but water. Moisture comes from the inside out. Drinking water assures that your body stays moisturized on the inside, helping it better balance moisture levels on the outside. Adequate water intake can and will improve the quality of your hair and nails.

Get A Strengthening Manicure

Natural strengthening ingredients and deep moisture treatments can be applied directly to the nails, in conjunction with a circulation boosting massage. You’ll be improving the overall health of your hands and fortifying your nails against breakage while you’re adapting to better habits to grow your nails stronger and healthier than they were before.

Vitamin infused gentle gel nail polishes can keep your nails looking beautiful for longer, and can be removed without damage to your nails. If you’re worried about constantly touching up your polish or you don’t have any chemical free varieties, natural gel will keep your nails looking beautiful without sacrificing their health and strength.

Ready For A Manicure To Give You Stronger Nails?

At Greentoes in Tucson, we exclusively use vegan nail products formulated without harsh chemicals. We want your hands to be beautiful and healthy. We offer vitamin and moisture packed strengthening treatments and gel polish to provide the perfect manicure for guests with brittle nails. We’d love to show you how well these treatments work. Simply book online now or by phone to experience them for yourself.

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