Greentoes North Is ‘Top 3’ For Best of Northwest Tucson Award


Tucson has been so kind to us over the years. We’ve been recognized numerous times for providing services and an experience that the people of Tucson truly love. We’re proud to be in the top 3 for The Best of the Northwest Tucson awards for both Best Massage Therapy and Best Nail Salon. It’s moments like these that cause us to step back and appreciate our community and what we’ve built here.

About The Best Of The Northwest Tucson

The Best of the Northwest is an annual competition that showcases Tucson. Votes are submitted by readers of The Explorer and Marana News The community is encouraged to write in and advocate for whatever their favorite community staples are. Thousands of people voice an opinion, the opinions are tallied, and the winners are reported.

The Best of the Northwest awards businesses and places under the categories of retail, dining, retirement living, sports and recreation, health and beauty, and community services. Winners are further narrowed down by what specific type of business they are. Greentoes North was nominated for two categories, Best Massage Therapy and Best Nail Salon, under the umbrella of health and beauty.

We’ve seen the success experienced by previous Best of the Northwest award winners. These are businesses we shop at and places we visit. People who come to Greentoes North help keep those businesses afloat – some might even work for them! 

The Best of the Northwest allows people to see the greatest things that Tucson has to offer. These awards help both the people who live in Tucson and the people who are visiting realize exactly why the area is so great. Our nomination reaching the top three shows us that we’re doing what we set out to do – we’re creating a place the community loves. 

About Greentoes North 

There aren’t too many eco chic mani pedi spas in the world, and we thought that was a shame. That’s why we created Greentoes North. Founder Christina Rossetti Thompson had a dream, and in this case, it was a literal dream. When she relaxed and dozed off, she had a vision of a place where people could go to find their calm and feel amazing about themselves. 

Since that dream, we’ve had the pleasure of building that place. The reality of starting our first location was exciting. We were even more excited when we had the opportunity to open our second location in North Tucson. 

Our goal has always been to take an approach that emphasizes the things that are important to us. Greentoes North has always cared about the planet. We strive to use the most eco friendly products available. Most of what you’ll find at our locations is vegan and organic. We also opt for products that contain fewer chemicals, like nail lacquers free of twelve of the major chemicals that many conscious consumers choose to steer away from. 

Greentoes North And The Community

Greentoes North was built by native Tucsonans. We understand what the community means to the people who live in it. We appreciate Tucson for every little quirk. Building a business in this community gave us an opportunity to give back to it. The community has treated us so well for decades – it only felt natural to return the favor. 

We chose to give back in the form of creating a special place where people can come to relax. We want Greentoes North to be a beautiful experience for everyone who walks through the doors. That’s why we’ve designed something so unique. It’s a combination of the products we use and the services we provide that work together to create that experience. Everyone should leave feeling the bliss that comes from self care and relaxation. 

We know there are plenty of wonderful places in Tucson. We’re not the only place where people can come to get their nails done or experience a massage. That’s why it’s so special to us when someone does. When someone chooses Greentoes North, we know that it’s because our philosophies align. There are people in the Tucson community who share our values, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide what they need. 

Finding Your Calm With Us                                                                             

We’re thankful for the opportunity to create a place for people of our community to unwind. We feel honored to be mentioned in the top three places in Tucson. We love what we do, and we love being able to do it in a city that means so much to us.

Greentoes North offers full waxing services, several massage styles, manicures, pedicures, facials, peels, and dermaplaning. We’ve tried to put everything a Tucsonan would need for a full day of pampering under one roof. If we haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting you, we would love to invite you to find your calm with us. You can book appointments for any of our services online or by phone.

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