Treating Acne With Facials


Acne skincare products line the shelves at drugstores, all promising to help relieve the woes that many teens and adults feel as a result of acne affecting their skin. Some dermatologists prescribe creams or pills designed to treat severe forms of acne. One of the best alternative or supplementary treatments for acne is the acne facial at Greentoes in Tucson, designed to address skin concerns without prescriptions or invasive procedures.woman-getting-facial-treatment

How Acne Facials Affect The Skin

While many people find facials relaxing, they’re far more than a mere pampering experience. Facials put both your mind and your skin at ease. You’ll walk away with cleaner, healthier skin, feeling refreshed from the experience.

Facials typically begin with a thorough cleansing. This cleansing removes makeup and debris from the skin, leaving a clear canvas for the aesthetician. When the skin is completely clean, the aesthetician can spot areas of the face that may need extra attention and thoroughly tend to them.

Dead skin is removed, leaving behind the top layer of skin that needs treatment. This prevents skincare products from sitting on top of the skin, unable to penetrate and work. After the exfoliation process is complete, your aesthetician will begin extracting dirt, debris, and blackheads from affected pores.

Facials typically end with a massage. During a massage, blood circulation is improved and lymphatic drainage is promoted. When everything is flowing the way it should, the body is able to efficiently heal itself.

The Impact Of Acne Scarring

Scarring is a normal and expected side effect of acne. It happens to nearly everyone with acne, and scars can be addressed with special treatments. Since acne can leave scars of varying widths and depths, some scars may respond better to treatment than others. With proper skincare, the appearance of nearly every acne scar and be improved.

Nourishing the skin with the vitamins it needs, such as vitamin E, encourages the skin to heal itself. This can reduce the appearance of acne scars by boosting the growth of newer, healthier skin cells. Some spot treatments can reduce the darkness of scars, which makes them less noticeable and easy to cover with makeup.

In cases where significant acne scarring is present, peels might be the best solution. Peels will partially remove acne scars – at least in the way that they affect the top layer of the skin. Removal of the old superficial layer will allow a new superficial layer to form. If the skin is healthy and well nourished, discolorations and undesirable texture is less likely to be prevalent in new cell growth.

What Happens After An Acne Facial

Many people hesitate to seek facials because they’ve heard stories of skin worsening or breakouts surging immediately following a facial. In truth, this sometimes happens. Facials stimulate the pores to detoxify themselves, sending out the bacteria and debris the skin has stubbornly been holding onto for an extended period of time.

After a facial, this detoxifying process may manifest as breakouts, new acne, or small red patches. In the majority of cases, this is completely normal. It means the facial was effective and the body is purging itself of things that need to leave. Once the skin is done purging, it will run out of breakout causing ammunition, making future breakouts significantly less severe. With proper maintenance, breakouts may become a thing of the past.

Maintaining Skin Health With Acne Facials

Even with the best skincare, the skin will take some time to respond. Growing new cells and purging old ones is something of a lengthy process that’s slightly expedited by facials and great skincare. It may take several facials to teach your skin new habits and restore it to its optimal level of health. In the beginning, you may want to schedule a facial once every few weeks. Over time, you can space them out further. As the long-term benefits begin to set in, facials are only needed for maintenance.

Age, environmental factors, skin type, and the condition of the skin all play an important role in creating the perfect schedule for facials. Since no two people are exactly alike, it’s important to cater to your skin’s specific needs rather than setting an arbitrary schedule. You’ll see better results with custom care. After an assessment of your skin and the way it responds to facial treatments, your aesthetician will be able to help you draw up a long term plan for acne care.

Getting Your First Acne Facial

If you’re interested in treating your acne with facials, Greentoes is always here. We aim to create a calm, peaceful environment where our clients leave feeling healthy, centered, and rejuvenated. Our expert aestheticians can provide facials specifically designed to treat your acne concerns. You can call us or book online to schedule your first acne facial experience with us.

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