The Benefits Of A Great Pedicure


There is an aspect of pampering and beautification that goes into a pedicure. Everyone deserves to feel like they look beautiful and be confident in their own skin. Even though that alone is a great reason to participate in self-care activities like pedicures, it’s far from the only reason to take a seat in that big, comfy chair.

Pedicures in Tucson have a wealth of benefits for your body, and even your mind. Many of them directly correlate to your health and hygiene, two things that are a lot more important than mere aesthetics. If you’re looking for a reason to justify the splurge on a pedicure, do it for the sense of wellness that comes from clean, healthy feet.

Pedicures Keep Your Skin And Nails Healthy

Your feet will always be a little dirty. It’s just their nature. They’re the first defense between you and the floor, which is also dirty by nature. Little bits of dirt and debris tend to build up under the toenails. Your pedicurist will remove the dirt from beneath your nail and between your nail and the nailbed. He or she will also be able to spot things like foot fungus, helping you get treatment sooner.

Pedicurists can also manage the beginnings of ingrown toenails, before they become painful. Proper clipping and filing of the toenails dramatically reduces the potential for ingrown toenails, which can lead to infection.

Your pedicurist will also remove any hangnails or dead skin around your toes. It’s important to remove hangnails and dead skin with sterile tools in a sterile environment to prevent introducing bacterial into the mix.

Moisturizing Your Feet And Removing Calluses

Feet have a tendency to purge their moisture content quite quickly. We often sweat into our socks all day. The end result is dry skin and cracked heels. Add to that the pressure and friction of shoes that can cause calluses. There isn’t a soft spot to speak of anywhere on your feet.

Your pedicurist can remove your calluses and gently buff away the accumulation of dry cracked skin on your heels. After all the dead skin has been exfoliated, the surface that was previously trapped is now at the surface. It will be more responsive to vitamin enriched, deeply nourishing moisturizing treatments.

With regular maintenance, calluses and cracked heels won’t come back. The skin of your feet will say in beautiful condition, and you’ll never have to worry about the feeling of your dry heel tugging at your sock again.

Pedicures Can Improve Circulation And Blood Flow Of Your Feet

The massaging part of a pedicure often feels the most luxurious, and for many people, it might be. It’s also the most beneficial part of the entire pedicure experience.

We spend a lot of our lives on our feet – almost all day if you work on your feet and come home to care for your family. Your feet likely get sore or swell from time to time from the stress they’re constantly under. Discomfort in your feet doesn’t have to be a fact of life. A pedicure can ease your aches and pains.

A nice warm soak and a foot and leg massage will help to stimulate your circulation and improve your blood flow. During a massage, the body begins to carry away the accumulated fluid responsible for swelling. In its place, it ushers in blood full of oxygen and nutrients. When this blood fills your muscles, it feeds them. When they’re nourished, they can begin the body’s natural repair processes.

Regular pedicures can help to keep swelling and foot pain at bay. After a long week at work, you deserve to treat yourself to that pedicure.

Pedicures Promote Relaxation And Mental Well-Being

Pedicures and the massage that accompanies them promotes relaxation and enhances your wellbeing. The body responds to massage and pampering experiences by releasing endorphins. These endorphins act as your body’s natural pain relievers and sleep promoters. You might find that you sleep like a baby after you get a pedicure.

These same endorphins help to ease feelings of stress. When you’re overwhelmed, you need little moments like pedicures and massages to help your body find its center. You need to take a moment to focus only on positive sensations. To do something that makes you feel happy and healthy. Your improved mindset and eased stress will translate into other areas of your life. You’ll be sharper at work and more patient with your family. You’ll be able to take things as they come.

Enjoy the Benefits Of A Pedicure

Greentoes in Tucson aims to provide the perfect relaxing pedicure. We use all natural, chemical free, cruelty free vegan products that are good for the environment and good for your skin. Our Slow Beauty pedicure is the ultimate Zen moment you need to wash away the worries of your week. We’ve designed the experience at Greentoes to be good for your mind and your body. Spend an hour to yourself every now and then – you’re worth it.

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