Greentoes Expands Again!

We’re thrilled to have grown with the Tucson community. Now, we have to accommodate that growth. Greentoes made the decision to add on more square footage to the front of the building. This new space expands our waiting area by opening up the entry area and giving everyone a little more room to relax before they receive their services or after they’ve already enjoyed them.

We built Greentoes to serve as a haven for relaxation. We’ve taken care to choose the right products, set the right ambiance, and work with the right staff to create a tranquil tone in every part of our spa. In order to keep the energy peaceful and the environment relaxing, we felt that extending the front of the building was the right option. This allows people room to move and sit comfortably before their Greentoes experience fully begins. Guests will have space to meditate, calm their minds, or enjoy a great book from the moment they walk through the door.

Greentoes cares about our environment just as much as we care about the people we share it with. We’re always willing to go the extra mild to keep our guests in a calm state of mind, even if it’s something as simple as extending the waiting area. We want every part of our guests’ visits to be the best part, and we know it’s not easy to prepare yourself to relax in a cramped waiting room.

We’re thrilled to be able to expand this space for our guests, and thankful for the success we’ve experienced. Going through construction on your business isn’t always easy, but when we consider the purpose it serves, we feel gratitude. We would not be successful without the Tucson community, and we hope that everything we do to improve our business will improve the lives and experiences of the people who help to keep it successful.

We hope everyone who visits Greentoes enjoys our new space and extra comfortable seating before and after receiving their Greentoes spa services. We want to thank Tucson locals as well as our out of state visitors for coming to Greentoes to “Find Your Calm”.


Tucson Weekly Best of Tucson 2017

There are few things more humbling than being nominated for an award. Right now, we’re over the moon to hear that so many Tucson locals have had positive things to say about is. Greentoes has been nominated in Tucson Weekly, 2017 Best of Tucson. We’re one of the most unique day spas in the area…


Best Things Arizona

Greentoes is proud and honored to have been recognized from Best Things Arizona as one of “The 10 Best Nail Salons in Arizona”! On behalf of everyone here at Greentoes, thank you for this amazing recognition! Thank you! “Let’s be real: you go to the nail salon to pamper yourself. The right nail salon…

2017 Readers Choice Win

Reader’s Choice Award “Winner”

Greentoes is proud to announce that we have earned this year’s 2017, Reader’s Choice Award for Best Nail Salon / Manicure Shop by the Arizona Daily Star / From all of us at Greentoes, we deeply thank each of you for your support and this prestigious award! The 2017 Arizona Daily Star.