Massage Benefits For Seniors

If you’re a senior citizen or you’re looking to promote the health and happiness of a senior citizen you love, a massage just might be the perfect thing. Everyone benefits from massage therapy, but senior citizens will especially be able to experience the relief and serenity that comes from massage. Massage is more than just…


How Massage Improves Your Flexibility

Flexibility is important for more than just gymnasts. Any kind of physical activity is easier to perform when you’re a little more flexible. Yoga, gardening, and even sweeping the kitchen requires your body to bend and move with ease. Sometimes, simple activities might even hurt if you’re muscles feel a bit too stiff. If you’re…


The Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

We’re often told to use heat therapy or cold therapy on sore muscles. This is good advice. Heat causes stiff muscles to expand, improving blood flow and increasing mobility in the affected muscles. Adding the component of heat to massage therapy can change the experience for the better. If you’ve never had a hot stone…


Treating Tennis Elbow With Massage

Tennis elbow is more common than you might believe. Many people in Tucson of all levels of activity can be susceptible to it. Massage therapy, specifically sports massage, can become a crucial part of a treatment plan for tennis elbow. A great massage therapist will be able to get right to where it hurts and…