Massage Therapy For A Healthy Heart

There’s a reason why the most important aspect of something is often referred to as its “heart”. The heart is what keeps the entire body going. It keeps blood moving and oxygen circulating. It powers every organ and every muscle. The value of a healthy heart cannot be overstated. With heart disease rates in Tucson…


The Benefits Of A Great Pedicure

There is an aspect of pampering and beautification that goes into a pedicure. Everyone deserves to feel like they look beautiful and be confident in their own skin. Even though that alone is a great reason to participate in self-care activities like pedicures, it’s far from the only reason to take a seat in that…


How To Strengthen Brittle Nails

Wouldn’t it be great to have naturally long, healthy nails? If your nails are on the brittle side, that might feel impossible. Brittle nails tend to crack and break as they grow. Even if you’re really careful on your hands, time and regular use will take their toll and lead to chipping, peeling, or breaking.…


Your Guide To Male Manicures

Most men in Tucson know that they need to be doing something to keep up with the health of their hands and nails. Many of them don’t realize that what they need is a manicure. Most people have an idea of a manicure that involves long, glittery pink nails. They don’t realize that this is…


Your Guide To French Manicures

French manicures in Tucson are a tried and true favorite. Even people who don’t ordinarily get their nails done are known to enjoy a classic French manicure for special occasions. If you’re new to manicures or you’re looking to step away from bright colors and busy embellishments, a French manicure might be exactly what you’re…


How To Find A Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

For many people in Tucson, deep tissue massage is an important part of injury or illness recovery. Some doctors recommend massage to patients with muscular or tissue injuries, and sports medicine doctors recommend massage for athletic patients who need to boost recovery times in periods of intense training or athletic conditioning. Some people use deep…


Coronavirus – COVID-19 Safety & Sanitation Protocols Taken By Greentoes and Greentoes North Nail Salons in Tucson, AZ

Our top priority has always been to bring an unparalleled safe experience of cleanliness, pampering and healing to our guests, and our commitment is to continue to deliver the best sanitation practices. The following are some safety efforts to guarantee guest and employee health in Tucson: Service providers will wear masks during treatments as an…