BREAST CANCER…The Way I Remember It!

I think I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was a very energetic golden blond haired boy. I loved sports, the outside, pork chops and applesauce. I was a child with no cares in the world unless you count being preoccupied with making sure I got my play time in. All that to say, even I couldn’t miss the fact that something had changed in my life ever so slightly. I sensed something was going on; I just didn’t know what that change was or what it meant. My mom had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and now that carefree kid‘s time was up. I was filled with care for her beyond myself and my own needs.

I remember being snuck into the hospital by my grandparents.  Kids, at that time, weren’t permitted into the rooms. Like it was yesterday, I vividly bring to mind seeing my mom in a hospital bed knowing she was sick and I wanted her not to be.

I don’t recollect anyone sitting down and explaining details to me or naming what was taking place in a way I’d be able understand, that day or any day, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. My mom’s name was Nancy, she had breast cancer and it was serious.

As an adult, today, when I think about the fact that she had chemo, lost her hair, was admitted into the hospital, felt so sick,  had a mastectomy all while having kids to raise; I am in complete and utter awe.

She fought cancer and came out the other side, cancer free. She fought and fought and at he same time she always made sure I still got to be her little Victor, pork chop eating, leaping from table to table, at school, Victor. How did she do it? How do any of the women or men diagnosed with Breast Cancer, any Cancer, do it? I sure don’t know.

SGC-GreentoesPairing up with Susan G. Komen, this October at Greentoes, is a way to honor my mom, personally, and extend my admiration to all cancer warriors and their loved ones who have walked this path of pain, love, perseverance.  Furthermore, I want to acknowledge the pure strength it takes to endure a course towards being cancer free; in a process that tests every part of a person‘s body, heart and mind.

Treatments continue to change and advance. Science continues to work towards a cure. Monies are raised in many different manners and we would like to be a part of the community of contributors towards a cure. As we pair with Susan G Komen in October, at Greentoes, we are so excited to announce that when you come in for your manicure or pedicure, and if you choose a shade of pink, we will donate five dollars to Susan G. Komen to aide in research. You are also invited to make a donation of your choice, every penny is appreciated. We will have the according paperwork for your records during the entire month of October if you do choose to make a donation.

Your donation can assist in saving lives and aides in helping those have been impacted by breast cancer.

My mom came out the other end, Cancer Free, and I am forever grateful. I was grateful as a kid and hold that gratitude with me today as a man, my mother‘s son.

Greentoes Goes Pink For October!

Greentoes is going PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We’re proud to be partnering up with Susan G. Koman Southern Arizona. For the entire month of October all customers that choose any shade of pink nail lacquer, for any of our manicures or pedicures, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, will prompt Greentoes to donate $5 to Susan G. Koman…

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Special Mother’s Day Indulgent Spa Packages

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